Toronto: Content Acquires Foreign Territories On 'Lovely Molly'

Content has acquired foreign rights on Lovely Molly, the genre film written and directed by Blair Witch Project‘s Eduardo Sanchez. A domestic distribution deal is coming. Lovely Molly made its debut in the Midnight Madness section of the Toronto Film Festival last month. The title character (Gretchen Lodge) is a newlywed who returns to her long abandoned family home and is hit with scary reminders of her nightmarish childhood that quickly color her new life. She snaps, basically, into a descent into an evil that is one part psychosis and another part possession. WME Global’s Graham Taylor and and BHDRL’s Stuart Rosenthal made the deal. The film’s produced by Robin Cowie, Gregg Hale, Jane Fleming, and Mark Ordesky. The intention is to employ the same kind of viral marketing that helped turned Blair Witch into such a big hit. “We were shocked by Gretchen Lodge’s extraordinary performance, it’s truly a sensational debut, in this powerfun and intense film from Eduardo Sanchez,” Content’s Jamie Carmichael said. “We’re delighted to be working with the Haxan and Amber teams on what promises to be a highly innovative and compelling campaign.” Content will sell the film at next week’s AFM. After the eye-opening $54 million opening weekend of Paranormal Activity 3, there should be a captive audience.

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