UPDATE: Summit Reacts To Milla Jovovich Ripping Via Twitter 'Musketeers' Marketing

UPDATE: Hollywood was buzzing Friday when actress Milla Jovovich took to Twitter to bitchslap Summit Entertainment over the promotion for Three Musketeers 3D. Jovovich texted that the film wasn’t marketed as a “fun family film” and that Summit is “resting on their laurels” because of the Twilight franchise and “making no effort” for her film. (See below). So I asked Summit last night what it thought of Milla’s accusations, and an executive pointed out that the actress had been up in Canada shooting the next Resident Evil installment “and working 15-hour days and probably didn’t see the campaign. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about and we don’t know where she’s coming from.” On the other hand, Jovovich is married to Three Musketeers 3D director Paul W.S. Anderson, so it’s hard to imagine she is completely clueless to how Summit marketed the film. Nevertheless, Summit points to awareness in the 80s as a sure sign that the movie was marketed adequately even if U.S. grosses were terrible. “Wouldn’t you think she would call us first about this? It’s frustrating. it’s not the right way to behave. If she has a problem then come to the studio and talk about it.” Milla was tweeting on her flight to Japan where Three Musketeers 3D is debuting at the Tokyo International Film Festival. I wonder if Summit will cancel her car pickup and strand her at the airport for mouthing off.

PREVIOUS: If you don’t know that Summit Entertainment is releasing The Three Musketeers today, the film’s star Milla Jovovich says she knows why: the distributor isn’t promoting it properly. She took to her Twitter feed early this morning on her way to Tokyo, where the Paul W.S. Anderson-directed update of the swashbuckling tale is opening the Tokyo International Film Festival.
A sample:

Also, “3 musketeers” opens in the US 2night! Do you think ppl know abt the movie? Ask your friends! Do they know it’s a fun family film?

I think “summit” hve swept “3 Musketeers”, a grt family adventure film, under the rug in the US. Shame on them. SHAME ON YOU “SUMMIT”.

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