The Standouts Of Gaddafi Death Coverage: Jon Stewart, Hillary Clinton & Matthew Perry

In the wall-to-wall coverage of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi yesterday, which was dominated by gruesome images of his lifeless body that I felt the networks went overboard with, two moments stood out. The oddest was when Regis Philbin read live the news of Gaddafi’s death on Live With Regis And Kelly to cheers and applause from the audience so big that even the veteran host was taken aback. The most intriguing was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s reaction to reading the news on her BlackBerry, accidentally caught on tape: you rarely see state officials in such unguarded moments. As for TV personas who stood out, Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart did his thing with an amusing look at Gaddafi with all his weirdness as well as the news coverage of his death. And then there was the unlikely hero of that news coverage yesterday, former Friends star Matthew Perry, thanks to a scene from his first series, the long-forgotten 1987 sitcom Second Chance, which has a scene indicating that Gaddafi dies on July 29, 2011. Here is that scene as well as The Daily Show‘s segment on Gaddafi.

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