Sibling Writers Tim & Michael Hobert Sell Sibling Comedy To NBC

This is a case of art imitating life times two: NBC has bought a single-camera comedy written by brothers Tim and Micheal Hobert based on their experience working together. The single-camera comedy, produced by Warner Bros TV, centers on Mike, a twentysomething man who lands a dream job as the assistant to a commercial director — his older brother Tim — only to learn that his job is mostly about keeping his brother’s hectic home life running smoothly. The project stems from a script deal Tim Hobert had with Warner Bros TV, where he works as a co-executive producer on the studio’s ABC comedy The Middle. It is inspired by real-life events.

Years ago, comedy writer-producer Tim Hobert had a development deal with NBC that provided a little money for him to hire an assistant. His baby brother Mike, 12 years his junior, had recently graduated from USC and was interested in a career as a writer, so Tim tapped him as his assistant. But the job quickly turned to Mike doing chores and babysitting his brother’s four small kids. “I wanted to get into writing, but I was being used as the guy who cleaned his house, served as a nanny to his kids and made sure his life was running smoothly,” Mike Hobert recalled. Added Tim Hobert, “I basically bait-and-switched him. I duped him into becoming another me.” (more…)

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