'Paranormal Activity 3' To Break B.O. Slump

Paranormal Activity 3 opens in France today, Australia tomorrow, and almost every foreign territory Friday when it also debuts in North America. Paramount is lowballing the threequel to gross at least $35M in domestic box office. But PA2 made $40.6M its 2010 pre-Halloween weekend, then competitor Saw 3D debuted the following Friday. PA3 has no such rival this time around. So Hollywood is expecting a hell of a lot more money. That said, PA3 cost only $5M, making the low-budget high-grossing franchise “the gift that keeps on giving,” as a studio exec tells me. (PA1 did $108M/$85M foreign, while PA2 did $85M in the U.S. and $93M foreign.) Paranormal Activity 3‘s strong tracking is showing wannasee not just with young males but also with older moviegoers, so the bloodless thriller should break Hollywood’s 3-month-long box office slump this weekend. Not since Fox’s Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes ($54.8M) on August 5th has there been a big grossing domestic opener beyond $30.1M (Disney’s Lion King 3D). To pump up global grosses, Paramount indulged in 20 round-the-world fan premieres in 8 countries with a contest based on the most Twitter activity. The winning cities included Melbourne, Tel Aviv, London, Sao Paulo, New York, and Hollywood’s Arclight, where thousands of fans turned out for gourmet food trucks and franchise star Katie Featherston. Photos below:

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