Oh How The Once Mighty Have Fallen

So today producer Mark Canton was seen screaming at Kate Mantilini’s maitre’d. “Do you know who I am? Mark Canton! You can look up my credits!” Now, I go to that restaurant all the time, and the people who work there couldn’t be nicer. And I confirmed the details of what happened. The staff told me the one-time studio exec has been using Kate’s to hold industry meetings, but not to eat the food. So when the eatery was full today, and Canton was between meetings, the maitre’d asked if Mark was actually going to order lunch this time around or just talk business again. That’s when Canton became enraged and started making a spectacle of himself. What an asshole.

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2009/11/oh-how-the-once-mighty-have-fallen-18407/