Huh? ABC Schedules New Game Show On Sunday Afternoon

UPDATED: ABC’s game show Million Dollar Mind Game (formerly The Six) is finally getting its day in the sun after almost a year on the shelf. But there is a twist — ABC is scheduling the series, originally developed and ordered for primetime, on Sunday afternoon. Million Dollar Mind Game, which is based on the hugely popular Russian game show What? Where? When?, will premiere October 23 and air in the 4-5 PM Sunday slot. The highly unusual move was made in light of NBA’s recent decision to cancel the first two weeks of the basketball season. While ABC doesn’t carry NBA games so early in the fall, the network decided to do a trial run as a contingency in case the entire NBA season is canceled. ABC owns the time period and has been throwing repeats of shows like Dancing With The Stars in it. But an original with a $1 million prize? Million Dollar Mind Game features teams comprised of six people who all know each other — co-workers, friends, teammates, etc. The teams take turns tackling a series of logic-based questions, which they have 60 seconds to discuss and decide upon an answer, for a chance at winning the $1 million grand prize. The show is hosted by UK presenter Vernon Kay and produced by Merv Griffin Entertainment. I hear the series came in below expectations. Still, it’s sad to see a show that is far more intellectual than the average reality fare on American television (I grew up with the original and am a huge fan of it) being relegated to afternoons.

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