John Malone Becomes The No. 1 Land Owner, Passing Ted Turner

Ted Turner seems destined to be one-upped by his longtime ally, Liberty Media’s John Malone. First it was in media, where Malone remains a player long after Turner was pushed out of Time Warner. Now Malone has passed Turner as the nation’s biggest private land owner — a title the founder of cable channels including CNN, TNT, and Cartoon Network held since the 1990s — according to The Land Report. Malone bought more than 1M acres of timberland in Maine and New Hampshire this year, bringing his total land holdings to 2.2M acres. That passes Turner, who has more than 2M acres, mostly in Montana. Malone tells the publication that he caught “this land-buying disease” when he toured Turner’s ranch two years ago. The Land Report’s annual survey of the largest private U.S. landowners just looks at acreage owned by individuals, families, family-owned companies, and family-controlled foundations.

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