Adam McKay Gets Serious, Signs On To Produce Docu About Education System

EXCLUSIVE: Adam McKay, known for being the director of comedies like Anchorman and The Other Guys and the founder with Will Ferrell of the humor website Funny Or Die, has made a deal to produce a new feature documentary from Jason Pollock about the dropout epidemic in American public schools. The docu from Pollock — who directed the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival documentary The Youngest Candidate, produced by David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants — will be shot throughout the current school year and is slated to be released in time for fall 2012. “I want to help put the education system front and center in this upcoming presidential election,” McKay said. “We hope this film will do just that.” The movie is expected to have a social media component, and Pollock is organizing a screening tour to colleges in the lead-up to election day. It will focus on the dropout rate in U.S. public schools — in major cities, it has climbed above 50%, and a report out this year pegged California’s rate at 18.2%.

McKay isn’t a total stranger to social causes. Among his credits is a writing stint on activist filmmaker Michael Moore’s TV series The Awful Truth. More recently, the former Saturday Night Live head writer just wrapped production on Season 3 of the HBO series Eastbound and Down through his and Ferrell’s Gary Sanchez Productions shingle.

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