Susan Boyle Musical Coming To America?

Michael Harrison, producer of I Dreamed A Dream, the musical biography of Susan Boyle that starts its out-of-town UK tour in March 2012, tells me he is in talks with U.S. impresarios about bringing the show to America. “Obviously there is huge potential for the show in America, so that is very much part of the plan,” he says. I Dreamed A Dream is the musical life story of Boyle, 50, who was a dumpy Scottish misfit before Simon Cowell sprinkled his stardust over her and she became the Britain’s Got Talent and YouTube singing sensation. Boyle will step out onstage at the show’s finale and sing the show tune that made her famous. The clip of her singing I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables has had 300 million YouTube hits to date. And her Grammy-nominated debut album has sold just over 10 million copies, while follow-up The Gift racked up another 4 million. The British tour kicks off in Newcastle and then travels around the provinces — although surprisingly there is no London date. “The West End will come later,” Harrison assures me. Elaine C Smith, a British actress who starred in the West End stage version of Calendar Girls, will play Boyle onstage. Presumably they will have to find an American star to play Boyle in the U.S. version. So (deep breath), which American actress would be right to play SuBo, as she’s affectionately known over here?

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