Global Showbiz Briefs: China, UK

Alibaba Group’s Chief Exec Wants To Buy Yahoo
Jack Ma, chairman and CEO of China’s e-commerce company Alibaba Group, said he is “very, very interested” in acquiring Yahoo and discussed options with other potential buyers, according to Reuters. Buying the entire company might be a reach for Alibaba. Ma had tried to buy back Yahoo’s 40% stake in his company before, but was rebuffed by recently fired CEO Carol Bartz. Alibaba formed a strategic partnership with Yahoo in 2005, acquiring Yahoo China. Ma talked about his intentions at the China 2.0 conference at Stanford University on Friday, but said he had not met with anyone at Yahoo since arriving in the U.S. two weeks ago. Yahoo last week told staff of its sale progress and its search for a new CEO.

Complaints And Parents’ Concerns Spur New Guidelines From Ofcom
UK media regulator Ofcom is handing down new guidelines about sexually explicit music videos airing before the 9 PM watershed. In its warning to broadcasters, the watchdog included research that showed 11% of parents were concerned about raunchy performances in music videos. Broadcasters are also being asked to mask or edit any offensive language. The guidelines come after last year’s X Factor controversy in which Ofcom received 4,500 complaints about performances by Rihanna and Christina Aguilera. It also recently received complaints for a 9 AM airing on Greatest Hits TV of a 50 Cent video featuring topless dancers.

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