Business Insider: Low Bids Could Doom Hulu Auction

The much-hyped Hulu auction may end up a bust because “the bids are not coming in as high as (the company’s backers) hoped,” Business Insider reports. Hulu was looking for more than $2B, but the site has said that Dish Network came in at $1.9B.  Google’s believed to have topped that with $4B, but that’s contingent on program licensing terms that Hulu’s owners Disney, News Corp, and Comcast apparently can’t swallow. That’s exactly the dilemma that many executives anticipated in June when Hulu put up the “for sale” sign.  News Corp COO Chase Carey also indicated last month that his company would be willing to hang on to Hulu. The online video venture’s CEO Jason Kilar and Disney are believed to be the ones who are most eager to sell.

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