No. 1 'Blades Of Glory' Ices Competition; 3-D 'Meet The Robinsons' Glides To 2nd

SUNDAY AM: Cutting edge comedy Blades of Glory glided to No. 1 this weekend with a big $32 million opener on 3,372 theaters. Will Ferrell’s hot streak at the box office didn’t turn to ice, not with John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) perched on his shoulders — literally. I do think CBS is broadcasting its epic Final Four NCAA basketball tourney on Saturday hurt the DreamWorks/Paramount laugher’s box office. In 2nd place, Disney’s CG-created Meet The Robinsons got a big Saturday kiddie matinee bounce to finish Friday-Saturday-Sunday with $24.6 mil on 3,413 venues. The toon from Disney’s own animation studio, not Pixar’s, had some 600 of its screens equipped with Disney’s brand new 3-D technology that’s a far cry from the old gimmicky red and green lenses. In 3rd place, Warner Bros.’s blockbuster battle epic 300 still made major moolah starting its 4th week out: it had a $11 mil weekend on 3,004 screens for a giant new cume of $179.5 mil. Another Warner Bros. holdover, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, grabbed the 4th spot this Friday-Saturday-Sunday with $9 mil (63% drop from last weekend) for a new cume of of $38.3 mil. (more…)

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