Saul Zaentz Sues Miramax-Disney (Again!) Over Oscar-Winner 'The English Patient'

That legendary 90-year-old movie producer Saul Zaentz is litigious is nothing new. Today he’s suing Miramax and Disney for breach of contract alleging he hasn’t seen enough profit from the 15-year-old Best Picture Oscar-winner The English Patient. He’s accusing the studios of blatant self-dealing and manipulation and misstating the movie’s revenue by millions in order to enrich itself — but not Zaentz — as well as deceptive and unfair accounting practices in connection with the movie. The lawsuit was filed today by Lavely & Singer’s Marty Singer in Los Angeles Superior Court. But here’s the thing: This isn’t the first time Zaentz has done this. He sued Miramax and Disney over pretty much the same stuff in the same court over the same pic back in 2006. And it was Lavely & Singer who filed that lawsuit, too. (Did they just Xerox today’s complaint?) That first scuffle was dismissed in 2008. In this latest legal battle, Zaentz also is seeking $20 million in damages — same as before. Of course, the Weinsteins owned Miramax when the film was released, but now it’s Disney’s problem because Zaentz claims the Mouse House promised to be good for the dough. Of course, Disney doesn’t own Miramax anymore. What a mess.

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