Howard Stern Sidekick Artie Lange And Nick DiPaolo To Launch Sports Radio Show October 3

EXCLUSIVE: Artie Lange is closing a deal to make his return to radio. Lange is teaming with fellow stand-up comic Nick DiPaolo for The Nick and Artie Show, a sports-themed talk show that will broadcast weeknights from 10 PM-1 AM East Coast time. The plan is to launch October 3, and it will also be taped for broadcast on DirecTV later on. They hope to roll out cross-country, and will start in between 20 and 30 markets. Their deals are worth high six-figures. It’s a three-year commitment and the total value of the deal is in excess of $3 million, I’m told.

Lange returns to the airwaves in regular rotation for the first time since he left under tragic circumstances. Lange replaced Jackie Martling as writer and on-air sidekick to Howard Stern, and his blue-collar sensibility and quick wit made him a popular part of the show. But he also spoke openly about his problems with depression, and vices like substance abuse and gambling, and it was clear these were taking a toll on him as he mixed the early-morning radio gig with weekend stand-up appearances. His Stern run ended when he attempted suicide in 2010. Lange resurfaced slowly on the stand-up comedy circuit, and he comes back to the radio almost two years later, healthy and with his life back on track, I’m told. DiPaolo is a longtime Lange pal — they came up together on the stand-up comedy circuit — and DiPaolo has also done hosting stints on Stern’s Sirius XM Satellite Radio channels. The new show won’t be on Sirius XM; it will be syndicated on terrestrial radio. (more…)

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