VF: Pellicano Almost Jew for Bert Fields

Vanity Fair reports that Pellicano and lawyer Bert Fields were so close that Pellicano contemplated converting to Judaism. “Six or seven years ago, Anthony comes home one night and tells me we are going to become Jewish and that Bert Fields has arranged conversion classes for both of us,” Kat Pellicano tells Vanity Fair. “I said, ‘Anthony, with all that Italian and Catholic bullshit of yours and my being an almost atheist from Oklahoma, why the hell do you want us to become Jewish?’ He tells me, ‘Because Bert thinks it will be good for my business. Most of the lawyers out here are Jews, so it would be a good thing.’ I refused to participate, and the idea eventually went away.’’

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2006/04/vf-pellicano-almost-converted-to-judaism-for-bert-fields-177/