Autopsy Report: 'I Don't Know How She Does It' Dies In Theaters Due To Toon (?)

The Weinstein Co is experiencing a brutal 2011 with every movie it releases that’s not The King’s Speech. In quick succession, Scream 4, Spy Kids 4D, Our Idiot Brother, Apollo 18, and last weekend’s I Don’t Know How She Does It didn’t open worth a damn. And that doesn’t even count the rough reception given Madonna’s W.E. at the Venice Film Festival which Harv is releasing during the awards corridor. (Awards? Not unless he can buy her a Golden Globe.) I don’t know how the studio is going to stay on track with its reorganized finances if Dimension films keep bombing or TWC pics get no traction. If only Harvey Weinstein hadn’t bragged during the Tribeca Film Festival that 2011 was “going to be our best year financially” and that his indie studio was on track to outpace even its most profitable years at Miramax. But that was in April, before The Weinstein Co began its losing streak. That $150M it made from The King’s Speech before ancillary revenue streams kick in won’t last long. Weinstein said he has to rebuild “a model that’s beyond Oscar”. The real question now is whether he even knows how.

I Don’t Know How She Does It was based on a well-known book just like The Weinstein Co’s The Nanny Diaries which women rejected just as summarily.  Problem is, IDKHSDI is such an awful movie (only 17% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) starring the annoying Sarah Jessica Parker (just go back to television already) in an abominable premise (a working wife under stress). But ask The Weinstein Co why it tanked, and the claim is that the opening weekend of The Lion King 3D took a $6M-$7M bite out of Parker’s pic. Because older women had a choice between seeing Sex And The City‘s Carrie as a clone of themselves or taking themselves and their kids to Lion King 3D — and picked the toon. (Given the choice between IDKHSDI and a kidney transplant, i would have picked the surgery.) (more…)

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