Kevin Smith, Enough Already About Harvey

Kevin Smith is such a publicity whore that he doesn’t care how he gets press these days, even when it means telling old stories trashing his former mentor who in 1994 bought Clerks. “I open the curtain at the back and I see Harvey outside, talking,” Smith tells UK’s The Guardian today, recalling the premiere of his movie Red State at the Sundance festival. “He’s talking about the Jets. Loud as fuck. The opening of my movie, first seven minutes. Old Kev just would have gone, ‘Harvey, shh, movie’s on.’ But it disgusted me so much. It doesn’t get much more heartbreaking. So I fuckin’ lost it, and I went out and said, ‘Hey. Shut the fuck up!’ And he looked at me with fuckin’ hate in his eyes. And I said, ‘Yeah. That’s me and I’m saying it.’ And he just left.” Little wonder that The Weinstein Co passed on the script — even though Smith’s production company to make Red State was named The Harvey Boys.

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