John Ferriter “Hates” Coming Into WME

I hear WME Reality TV major player John Ferriter remains odd man out at the new agency. Remember, he was the only one among the 20 William Morris board members to vote against the merger. Now he’s telling pals that he “hates coming into the office every day, but they’re hanging onto me as long as they have to pay me”. Ferriter had just signed a new 3-year deal before the merger talks began in earnest, so he has at least 18 months to go on his contract. He tried to raise venture capital and start a company, but the climate has been lousy because of the financial crisis. Then John was hospitalized when the Endeavor takeover went through, but recovered from his illness. In July, his silver bullet client Ryan Seacrest threw him under the bus by going to CAA and then battled over commissions. Perhaps 2010 will be a better year for Ferriter.

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