007's Casino Royale Script Disappoints

How do we hate thee? Let us count the ways… So it’s not enough that Sony/MGM’s James Bond fiasco, um, film Casino Royale (opening Nov. 17th) has received horrendous press — such as Daniel Craig is a wuss who can’t fight (one of his front tooth caps was knocked loose) and can’t play poker (an expert was brought in to instruct him). Now knowledgeable people have gotten hold of the shooting script and their reviews are circulating on the Internet. “Ill-advised.” “Disappointing.” “Uneven.” “Sometimes uninspired.” This was supposed to be Reimagined Bond, Bourne Bond, Non-Tuxedo-Wearing Bond. B.S. Turns out Craig does don a tuxedo, only he’s not used to wearing one (audible groan). Here’s one review from Ain’t-It-Cool-News’ Merrick, “The action has been dialed down – brutal, hand-to-hand combat now preferred to gargantuan set pieces… Gone is nearly any visage of over the over-the-top action sequences we’ve come to expect from James Bond movies… The universe he inhabits is much more –I hesitate to use the word — ‘realistic’ than it was before… the story is grounded in a far less stylized world than previous Bonds.” Given the above, here’s one reaction, “What is this, a James Bond film for people who don’t like James Bond films?”

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