MPAA Announces New SEVP Global Policy

Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman/CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, today set the new leadership team under his watch, including a promotion for Michael O’Leary to SEVP of Global Policy and External Affairs. Dodd also brought in his former Deputy Chief Of Staff from his U.S. Senate days Lori McGrogan to become Senior Adviser To The Chairman. He also revamped the internal PR staff, hiring Laura Nichols, now MPAA’s EVP Global Communications.

O’Leary, in his new role, will supervise all international, federal and state affairs operations. In addition, O’Leary will oversee the Association’s technology and research efforts. Previously, he had been EVP of Government Affairs, responsible for the development and the implementation of the MPAA’s domestic government policy priorities and federal and state legislative and regulatory strategies. According to his official bio, O’Leary has nearly 20 years of intellectual property policy and enforcement experience. Before coming to work for the MPAA, O’Leary served as Deputy Chief for Intellectual Property in the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the Department of Justice, where he prosecuted and supervised major domestic and international criminal intellectual property investigations and prosecutions.

Dodd said in a statement: “The creative community’s voice in Washington will be critical in the months and years ahead as our leaders debate what will be the best, most cost-effective ways to produce new jobs and protect the ones we have. We’ve assembled a senior team, who, together with our dedicated MPAA global staff, will set our sights on delivering a clear and simple message: when it comes to growing our economy, creating jobs, promoting trade and American innovation, movies matter.”

Dodd said O’Leary has already been a key player at the MPAA but will now be taking on a much more expanded role. That, during his tenure, the MPAA successfully led efforts in both the legislative and regulatory arenas, including passage of the Pro-IP Act; amendments to the Higher Education Act to help combat content theft on university computer networks; and successfully increasing emphasis on protecting intellectual property at the federal, state and local level.

McGrogan was leading Dodd’s transition team at the MPAA and now will assist him in strategic and long-term planning as well as day-to-day operations of the organization. She served as Acting Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff for Senator Dodd, where she provided strategic advice and oversaw critical office operations including scheduling and press. Before joining Dodd’s office, she was founder and president of a successful research and communications consulting firm.

As CFO and EVP of Finance and Administration, David England is responsible for the day-to-day management of all aspects of the MPAA’s finances. He has oversight responsibility over the MPAA’s worldwide infrastructure activities, including facilities, administration, finance and accounting, risk management and information technology. Previously, England spent six years at Simon and Schuster, a subsidiary of CBS Corporation, as SVP/CFO. Prior to that, he was EVP/CFO at United Paramount Network (UPN), a subsidiary of Viacom.

Joan Graves, SVP and Chairman of the Classification and Rating Administration (CARA), first joined CARA in 1988 and assumed her current position as Chairman in 2000. In this capacity, Graves oversees the nation’s voluntary movie rating system, which exists to provide clear information to parents about the content of films as they make decisions about what movies their kids can see and at what age.

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