Sharon Waxman's Bogus 'Advisory Board': She Put 6 Moguls On It Without Asking Them

It’s sad enough that Sharon Waxman’s failing entertainment & media website can’t get any traction. But her desperation knows no bounds. A group of six Hollywood moguls are furious that she took their names without their knowledge or permission, put them on a bogus “Advisory Board” for her website’s undersubscribed conferences, then distributed news of this advisory board to the sponsors she was seeking for these confabs. “Board bait,” is how one executive’s disgusted PR rep scorned what Waxman did. After a tipster sent me the Advisory Board’s list for latest confab, I contacted each exec’s office and asked if they knew they were on the panel. No one knew. Not Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman/CEO Michael Lynton. Not Warner Bros Television Group President Bruce Rosenblum. Not News Corp Chief Digital Officer Jon Miller. Not Creative Artists Agency Partner Bryan Lourd. Not Relativity Media CEO Ryan Kavanaugh. Not Entertainment Media Ventures Managing Partner Sandy Climan. Waxman couldn’t even get some of the moguls’ job titles accurate, screwing up three of them. Once they were informed about being on the “Advisory Board”, six executives and/or their reps contacted Waxman and demanded to be taken off the roster. But the damage had already been done. “I had lunch with her and gave her a couple of ideas. How does that let her use my name to boost her event?” one furious mogul told me. Said a mogul rep to me: “Hollywood people take their names very seriously. For the same reason she wanted to use their names is the same reason she misused their names. I’m mystified by her behavior.” And still another mogul told me, “What do I need to do? Get a cease and desist?” Waxman tried to claim to the moguls it was “an internal sheet” with “very limited distribution” that was “sent out only to potential sponsors”. But one rep told her, “It doesn’t matter how many people you sent it to. It only needed to be sent to one other person. You have no shame.” Yet another reason Waxman’s The Wrap is known in Hollywood as The Crap.

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