WME Will Stay In Endeavor Headquarters Instead Of Moving To New Morris Building

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First I reported that Ari Emanuel rejected the global architecture firm Gensler which the William Morris Agency originally hired to develop its new headquarters. Now, I can confirm all that chatter: WME Entertainment won’t move into the building at all because The Gersh Agency in July left Canon Drive and moved into 9465 Wilshire Blvd. That’s just 50 ft away from the site of the new WME headquarters in a 6-story “green” building going up at 231-265 N. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. The two agencies would have shared valet parking services and a parking lot. God forbid! So WME decided that was a lease dealbreaker. (Both the new Gersh digs, and the new WME digs, are buildings owned by the same company, George Comfort and Sons.) Not to worry: WME won’t be homeless. I’m told that WME will move entirely into the Endeavor headquarters at 9601 Wilshire Blvd and find space in their familiar Beverly Hills building to expand, if necessary.

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