Toronto Update: IFC Midnight Buying Midnight Madness Title 'The Incident'

EXCLUSIVE: I’m told that IFC Midnight is finalizing a U.S. distribution rights deal for The Incident, the horror title that created a stir when a couple of audience members responded to the hardcore scenes by fainting. IFC Midnight negotiated the deal with Paradigm Motion Picture Finance Group. SND is selling foreign.

EARLIER, 10:25 AM: The Incident, the Alexandre Courtes-directed drama that screened this morning in the Midnight Madness category, is clearly not for the squeamish. I’m told that two moviegoers fainted and an ambulance was called. The movie is about three struggling musicians who moonlight as cooks in a high security insane asylum.  When a storm shuts down the security system, the cells are unlocked and dangerous inmates run wild. Apparently, one person fainted when one of the cooks was tied to a stove top and burned alive. That will get you every time. Paradigm is trying to sell domestic.

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