UPDATE: Universal's Movie Slate Plans

UPDATES More From Universal Town Hall Meeting

It’s annoying when Universal Pictures mouthpieces don’t think it’s important what its top execs say about the studio’s movie slate plans, even when asked by journalists, who help inform shareholders of parent company GE. So, instead of having the PR-bots “interpret” what was said at Uni’s town hall meeting this week, I finally pressured the flacks to watch the video and tell me exactly what was said:

“Ron Meyer (in response to a question asked about possible new ownership of NBC Universal) “I don’t think they are going to shrink us in half, or that we’re going to make five films instead of 16 films. I don’t believe that would be the case.”

Donna Langley (in response to a moderator asking if Uni will make the same number of films): “I think that the number of films that we will make will probably be an average number, of what we’ve been doing for the last eight, eight years. Probably somewhere in the range of, you know, 13-15, seems appropriate. Looks about where we are headed at the moment. That means there is a lot for everybody to do.”

The flacks stress that Donna was talking about Universal productions only, which include Working Title but not Focus Features, nor Rogue, nor any other acquisitions the studio makes.

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