MTV Spinoff Series Stiffs LA Fashion School

MTV finally announces details this week for The Hills, that Laguna Beach spin-off set in Los Angeles and airing in May. The new reality show (and I use that term loosely since so much of Laguna Beach 1 and 2 was editing-room fakery) stars Lauren “LC” Conrad while she goes to fashion college in Downtown L.A. and works as an intern in the L.A. Bureau of Teen Vogue. (Yes, she gets to meet Anna Wintour. BFD.) Producers are positioning it as Melrose Place vs Beverly Hills 90210. On the show, the 19-year-old Conrad attends the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising so I gave the school a call. Wow, talk about being taken advantage of: I found out from FIDM’s spokeswoman Shirley Wilson that the school didn’t receive one penny in financial compensation, not even scholarship money, from MTV, which no doubt will get as rich off this new show as it has off the two Laguna Beach series (3 starts in July). When will these naifs learn?

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