Nets To Carry President Obama's Speech, NBC's Pre-Game Coverage Moves To Cable

There is no scheduling drama over President Barack Obama’s speech on jobs between the White House and the broadcast networks. The networks will all carry the speech, which, in a rare occasion, is not in primetime as it starts at 7 PM ET tomorrow. NBC was the only network that had to make a significant adjustment as it had the NFL kickoff pre-game scheduled for 7 PM, leading into the 8:30 PM season-opening game between the Saints and the Packers. The pre-game is being moved to NBC’s sibling cable channels Versus, USA, Syfy and G4 as well as the NFL Network, with NBC joining the program in progress immediately after the president’s address. Last week, the White House and House Speaker John Boehner went back-and-forth on the timing of the speech, which Obama originally planned for Wednesday but ultimately pushed to Thursday after getting pushback from Boehner.

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