Hollywood White Guys Have No Rhythm…

UPDATE: Here’s a YouTube 2007 video of Tom Cruise trying to dance in London. Did he have a stunt double do his rockin’ in Risky Business?

It sounds like one of those hilarious Hollywood moments that you probably had to be there to fully appreciate. So, last night, Mr. United Artists aka Tom Cruise was honored by the nonprofit Mentor LA, do-gooders dedicated to helping schools and neighborhoods in LA’s poorer areas. So this Promise Gala held on the 20th Century Fox studio lot was chaired by Megan and News Corp. prez Peter Chernin along with other power players and their wives: Paramount’s Brad Grey, Disney’s Bob Iger, Sony Pics’ Michael Lynton, Warner’s Barry Meyer, Universal’s Ron Meyer, MGM’s Harry Sloan, Yahoo’s Terry Semel (ex-Warner’s) Why honor Cruise? His “long-standing commitment to working for positive change in the world.” Yeah, barf. Anyway, the dinner featured musical performances by both Kanye West and Stevie Wonder. So when Stevie got his groove on, Tom and Katie (no, she wasn’t left home) stood up and started clappin’ and dancin’. And that meant Peter Chernin and Ron Meyer and Terry Semel who were all sitting at the head table also had to stand up and start clappin’ and dancin’. It wasn’t a pretty sight, I’m told. Especially Semel’s strange contortioning. “They were embarrassing themselves. Not one of these white guys could keep time to the music. It was really painful to watch Hollywood have so little rhythm.” Next time these guys act goofy, send me a pic.

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