Why I Think LAT Is Such A Horror Show

Now I’ll paint a brief picture of the Los Angeles Times post-Grazergate that’s even gloomier than Andres Martinez’s. Sanctimonious newsroom reporters and editors acting all holier-than-thou about journalism ethics, even though they never complained about the impropriety of their ousted editor Dean Baquet’s behind-the-scenes cozying up to a Billionaire Boys Club of potential local buyers for the LA Times. An editor who supervised opinion and Op-Ed and editorial sections spiralling into irrelevancy, primarily because of bizarre takes on events or issues mostly written or assigned or edited by a small clique of fringe (neo-con, libertarian, thuggish right-wing, self-loathing liberal, feminist-hating female) ideologues all palsy-walsy with each other. And a publisher with a charter membership in the Reagan Republican, friend-of-Donald-Rumsfeld, “we don’t admit our mistakes” club, who, as the Tribune Co. toadie, wasn’t supposed to drink the LA Times newsroom Kool-Aid yet just demonstrated spinelessness by not standing behind his own judgment calls responsible for Grazergate.

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