Charlie Sheen Exits WME (For CAA?): Asked His Team To Cut Commissions

UPDATE: A very reliable source close to Charlie Sheen just emailed me: “Don’t you be surprised if he signs with CAA within the next few weeks.” So will that agency get to help negotiate the upcoming Two And A Half Men contract for TV’s top paid star?

Previous: Maybe it’s the financial crisis, or one marriage too many, or rising hooker rates. But I just learned that Charlie Sheen asked his entire entertainment rep team to cut commissions. That means his agents, his lawyers, his managers, everyone. And this after Sheen yesterday was named the top paid actor in television by TV Guide! (The mag reported that the Two And A Half Men star takes home $875,000 an episode on the CBS sitcom.) I’m told WME said no, and now Sheen is no longer a client and is telling Hollywood he doesn’t want an agent right now as he’s about to enter into a negotiation for a new deal on CBS’ Two And A Half Men.

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