Dish Network Plans Blockbuster Streaming Service To Rival Netflix; Hulu Bid Reported

UPDATE, 5:25PM: Dish Network is one of three remaining bidders for streaming video website Hulu, along with Amazon and Yahoo,  an insider told The Financial Times today. The bids for Hulu reportedly are in the $1.5B-$2B range.

PREVIOUS: Just as Netflix’s price increase takes effect, Dish Network is setting up a streaming movie service for Blockbuster, Bloomberg reports. The move was hinted at last week when the satellite TV provider formally asked the government for permission to offer mobile high-speed Internet service. Dish’s Blockbuster streaming also is expected to land a content deal with Starz, which ended talks with Netflix yesterday. Some analysts, though, have suggested that was a negotiating ploy by Starz and that talks could resume. Since buying Blockbuster earlier this year, Dish has promoted the rental giant by offering three months of free DVD-by-mail for new Dish customers, and committed to keeping 1,500 of its stores open. Netflix’s new pricing plans for streaming-plus-DVD sparked a customer backlash and an attempt by Blockbuster to lure away Netflix customers unhappy with the change.

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