Andres Martinez Has Just Quit LA Times; Publisher Kills Grazer's Sunday Current

UPDATE: I’m told there was just a meeting among the staff of the Los Angeles Times‘ editorial/opinion/Op-Ed pages which editor Andres Martinez supervises and he told them he has just quit. This follows publisher David Hiller’s decision this morning to kill this Sunday’s Current section guest-edited by Hollywood producer Brian Grazer to “avoid the appearance” that a conflict of interest led to his selection because of a romance between Martinez and the PR woman repping Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment. The paper’s newsroom was up in arms over so-called Grazergate and Martinez snaps back at the news reporters and editors via the LAT Opinion blog where he explains his decision to take a hike. Now the LA Times has posted its own updated story about today’s fast-breaking developments on its website here.

See my previous detailed account of what happened: An LA Times Affair: Romance Between Editorial Editor And Hollywood Flack Helps Showbiz Producer Grazer Get Guest-Edit Gig; Now Publisher May Not Print This Sunday’s Opinion Section

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