MoviePass To Try Monthly Movie Ticket Plan Again, With New Partner

MoviePass is back, this time with a new partner. The upstart ticket service tried to launch in June, with a plan to offer consumers admission to unlimited movies in a calendar month for a $50 pass. That kickoff fizzled before it began, however, when exhibitors AMC and Landmark balked at the idea and said they hadn’t been consulted. MoviePass today announced it will relaunch, but this time it will offer the packages through Hollywood Movie Money, a 25-year-old movie ticket promotions firm that has established relationships with exhibitors and the studios, and roughly 36,000 screens in its network. The new launch is targeted for mid-September, and there will be some changes, a MoviePass spokesman told Deadline. The biggest will be that rather than a flat $50 fee, users would pay a monthly fee based on the average ticket price in the region. Users will be able to subscribe to the monthly service at

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