Ashton Kutcher: 'Two And A Half Men' Is “Going To Go Through The Roof”

With new Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher as a guest, CBS’ late-night host David Letterman predicted that the veteran sitcom is “going to go through the roof” with him. Kutcher agreed. “I think it’s going to go through the roof, I really do,” he said. “I’ve been laughing really hard.” The first indication was the taping of the season premiere on the Warner Bros lot. “The roof popped off Warner Bros that day,” said Kutcher, who wore protective gear for the interview in reference to the recent jihad threat against Letterman. With a solid feature career, why did Kutcher decide to go back to sitcoms where he started years ago on That ’70s Show? Kutcher said he remembered how, while he was on That ’70s Show, he used to dream of a feature career all the time. Then one day, Robin Williams, fresh off winning an Oscar, stopped by the set to see the show’s Kurtwood Smith and confessed to wanting to do a sitcom again. “And I never forgot that when I was on That ‘70s Show because I never forgot what we had, and how great and how fun the job was and how incredible it was, and how great it is go to work every day and make people laugh,” said Kutcher. Here is the clip:

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