Shawn Levy Eyeing Fox's Frankenstein

As the 20th Century Fox 3D Fantastic Voyage continues to take forever to get underway (script is there, but it’s pricey and they’ve had trouble casting it), I’m hearing persuasively that director Shawn Levy will likely take another Fox film, Frankenstein, as his next effort. John Davis is producing it. Fox wants to move quickly on the Max Landis-scripted thriller based on the classic monster from Mary Shelley’s public domain novel, and I’m told the studio wants Levy. They are beginning creative conversations with an eye toward this filling his winter/spring slot. The studio is eager to get out in front of the seven other Frankenstein films that are percolating all over town. Levy’s latest film, the Hugh Jackman-starrer Real Steel, will be released Oct. 7 by Touchstone. He’s eyeing a handful of possible next projects, but I’m putting my money on it being Frankenstein. Meanwhile, Levy is producing Neighborhood Watch, the Akiva Schaffer-directed Fox comedy that stars Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller, and which just got Jonah Hill aboard.

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