Comcast Withdraws Court Compaint Against DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket Ads

Comcast has declared victory and ended its furious courtroom attack on DirecTV for advertising “no extra charge” NFL Sunday Ticket games. The cable giant says today on its corporate blog that “DirecTV has discontinued or modified its false and misleading advertising to consumers regarding its NFL Sunday Ticket package as a result of our legal action. As such, we have elected to withdraw our complaint on this matter.” No mention of the fact that last week a U.S. District Court judge in Chicago denied the cable giant’s request for a temporary restraining order against DirecTV. Comcast’s complaint filed early this month alleged that DirecTV billed the NFL service as “free” — without clarifying many conditions on the offer. The cable company asked the court to force DirecTV to retract the ads, pay Comcast “all profits wrongfully derived” as well as triple the cost of damages, and pay a punitive fine to a consumer protection agency or advocacy group. DirecTV denied that the ads were inaccurate and said that it would gladly “go head-to-head with Comcast any day on whose service is superior” and wanted to compete “in the marketplace rather than the courtroom.”

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