Judd Apatow Is Latest Hollywood Hottie

Jeez, everyone is gushing over Knocked Up. This is just insane. And I’m talking about people whose taste and acumen I respect. As opposed to most of the morons out there. They’re saying how it’s funnier and filthier than The 40 Year Old Virgin which Judd Apatow also wrote and directed and produced, but also has that same level of emotional honesty. So it’s clear that the 39-year-old Judd is the Hollywood hottie of the moment. He and Ben Stiller are the hardest-working men in film comedy. Apatow’s Knocked Up could be huge this summer (and I haven’t heard such great buzz on a non-sequel R-rated comedy since Wedding Crashers). Universal sure needs the hit since the studio had a terrible 2006, ending the year dead last in market share among the majors. Apatow’s Super Bad (producing only) for Sony is supposed to be the sleeper of the second half of the summer and almost as good as Knocked Up and Virgin. And there’s good word on his send-up Walk Hard (producing, writing), though it’s not in the league of those other films. CAA has been desperate to sign Judd away from United Talent, leaning all over his manager Jimmy Miller (who helped deliver Jim Carrey). I can’t wait to see what antics CAA will resort to now. Meanwhile, look for Katherine Heigl in Knocked Up to emerge as the next Jennifer Aniston, but better because the Grey’s Anatomy co-star is far more interesting an actress. (As for Seth Rogen, he leaves me cold. But what do I know?)

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