Although U.S. audiences have cooled to 3D movies, overseas ticket buyers still loved the technology in 2010, a report today from IHS Screen Digest Cinema Intelligence shows. Researchers say that ticket buyers worldwide spent $6.1B on 3D movies last year, which was 19.3% of total box office. That was up from $2.5B in 2009, accounting for 8.6% of all ticket sales. But the big growth came outside the U.S.: Overseas audiences accounted for 63.9% of last year’s 3D sales, up from 53.8%. Hollywood can take credit: “The global market still is dominated by U.S. releases, which accounted for more than 90% of revenue from international 3D screens,” says Charlotte Jones, senior analyst for cinema at IHS. Japan was the biggest market after the U.S. generating gross 3D receipts of $471M from films including Fox’s Avatar, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story 3, and a local release Umizaru 3: The Last Message. Trailing Japan were the UK ($427.6M), France ($364.7M), and Russia ($336.5M). But on a per-capita basis, movie-goers in Colombia showed the most interest in 3D. The technology accounted for 35.6% of the country’s total box office sales. Among the least interested: Norway, where just 15.8% of ticket sales were for 3D. IHS says that moviegoers in China and Mexico saw the biggest markups for 3D tickets. Still, Mexico had the lowest average ticket price for 3D.