Jonathan Demme Leaves ICM for WME

EXCLUSIVE: No announcements yet from either agency, but Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme (Silence Of The Lambs) had been an ICM client for seven years. The iconclastic helmer works in film moving between indie projects and big studio productions, TV, and theater. For Demme, ICM put together Rachel Getting Married, the Jimmy Carter documentary Man From Plains, and The Manchurian Candidate. But recently Demme has been pursuing passion projects with less success. His Neil Young documentary has failed to find a distributor. His Bob Marley documentary was reconfigered by Stephen Bing following a dispute with Demme. And the latest two scripts that interested Demme, The Angriest Man In Brooklyn and Honeymoon With Harry, did not find a cast. (See my previous, De Niro Balks, Demme Walks, Movie Chalks.)

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