Hot Fake Trailer: 'Our Idiot Brother' Star Paul Rudd Pitches To Harvey Weinstein

Movie companies lately have been coming up with out-of-the-box ways to spread the word on their movies, like the promo that Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman made for The Change-Up, or the musical that Final Destination 5 star Miles Fisher made to promote this Friday’s opening. Rarely do these viral efforts feature the head of a studio. But Paul Rudd got Harvey Weinstein to take part in a bit in which the actor subjects Weinsein to the worst marketing ideas ever to sell the film that Weinstein acquired in Sundance. While Weinstein was said to have been an inspiration for Tom Cruise’s manic Les Grossman character in Tropic Thunder, the real Harvey actually seems a pretty calm screen presence.

Paul Rudd Pitches Harvey Weinstein from Paul Rudd

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