Film Roundup: Steven Soderbergh Retires To Second Unit Work, Albert Hughes In 'Motor City'

For a guy who is plotting his retirement after finishing a few films, Steven Soderbergh finds even more ways to be industrious. Sources confirm scattered web reports that Soderbergh has begun shooting second unit work for the Gary Ross-directed The Hunger Games. Actually, he did two days worth, on a lark. Soderbergh is preparing to promote the virus thriller Contagion and the Gina Carano spy thriller Haywire. The big question is, will he finish The Man From UNCLE and his Liberace movie with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in time to do second unit for the inevitable second and third Hunger Games films? …

When Albert Hughes dropped out of a long attachment to Akira, Warner Bros executives were determined to place him in another film distributed by the studio. They’ve done it on Motor City, the Chad St. John-scripted revenge tale. A report in said Chris Evans might star, but that’s not solid yet and they are looking at a number of actors at Dark Castle.

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