WGA Election: Then, The Peace…

UPDATES WGAw Prez Candidate John Wells Writes Rebuttal To Verrone/Bowman
UPDATES Message From Verrone & Bowman Disputing Wells’ Campaign Claims

The following joint John Wells-John Bowman statement was read by John Wells and John Bowman last week at the Writers Guild while I was otherwise engaged:

John Wells: One of the great achievements of the strike and of Guild leadership during the strike was that we began and ended with a united Guild. I think I can speak for all of the candidates you’ll be hearing from tonight when I say we’re all committed to carrying that unity forward.

John Bowman: Of course we knew that John was talking to member of the DGA. I asked him to. But we thought his talks with members of the DGA were limited to A, B, and C. We did not know he would be talking to them about A, B, C, and D … with “D” being the agreement John made to endorse the deal if they were able to reach certain thresholds. Having talked to John about this in the past few days, I understand that he believes he had communicated this to us and to members of the Negotiating Committee. And I believe he acted in what he thought was the best interest of the guild. John and I may disagree as to whether or not that part of his talks was a good thing. But he is still my friend, I still like and respect him, and I hope everyone else can accept that this is an honest misunderstanding between friends that we hope is now behind us.

John Wells: I agree with John’s statement of the facts. He and Patric were well aware that I was talking to members of the DGA … I understand now that we have differing interpretations as to what my mandate was and I appreciate John’s affirmation of my good intentions. I too have nothing but friendship and respect for him and Patric. They have both provided extraordinary service to the Guild and I sincerely hope they will continue to for many years in the future. We have all been through too much together to let one misunderstanding get in the way of that, and I would ask all of those on both sides who have entered into this fray to lay down your weapons – there are no villains here – there are just writers who care passionately about the Guild. It’s time to lower the temperature, accept that each side made mistakes, but each side was honest, and for the good of the Guild we all need to let this go.

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