H'Wood Reporter Seeks 'Big Name' Editor

I hear the Hollywood Reporter honchos are telling the staff they’re looking outside for “a big, big, name” to take over as editor now that Cynthia Littleton has jumped to Variety. No doubt, this is to counter snarks like me saying the Reporter is in its “death rattle”. In my humble opinion, the Reporter‘s parent company Nielsen Business Media should get bold by thinking out of the box: choose somebody prominent from showbiz whose once hot career has cooled. (After all, former journalist Peter Bart was an out-of-work studio exec and producer when he took over at Variety…) Pitch it as a prestige thing to do next to running a film school. Let’s get candid here; a trade isn’t real journalism anyway. So re-establish the Reporter as the print and online place for softball coverage of the studios and networks and agencies, and as the friendly trade where no pesky questions are asked and press releases are run exactly as written. The town will love it, and pretty soon the Reporter and its website will fill with ads. So get those resumes ready, gang.

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2007/03/hwood-reporter-seeking-big-name-editor-1536/