'Final Destination 5' Star Miles Fisher Makes Viral Short To Promote The Movie's Mayhem

Deadline has written about the humorous short-film exploits of Miles Fisher, who played the superagent in the spoof Pinkberry: The Movie, and starred in other shorts that included an American Psycho musical parody. All this came before Fisher got his first big movie lead in Final Destination 5, and a supporting role in J. Edgar. Just because he’s gone legit doesn’t mean Fisher has left parodies in his past. In fact, after he went to Warner Bros with an idea for a short that could help spread awareness of its upcoming Final Destination, the studio gave him the money to make the film. Fisher put together his American Psycho producer Jake Avnet and director Dave Green and they’ve made New Romance. It’s a short that manages to keep the body count high, and it looks to me like some horrifying homage to Saved By the Bell. Check it out:

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