USAN Unveils Pro-Merger SAG Slate

United Screen Actors Nationwide has unveiled its slate of candidates for SAG’s National and New York Division elections. The group includes incumbents Ken Howard as National President, Amy Aquino as National Secretary Treasurer, Mike Hodge as NY Division President as well as 11 names for the national and New York boards. The USAN faction of the guild backs the SAG-AFTRA merger, a formal plan for which is due to the national boards in January 2012. The 2011 board candidates include comedian and first-time candidate Lewis Black. The other names: Manny Alfaro, Dave Bachman, Marc Baron, Mark Blum, Rebecca Damon, Traci Godfrey, Ezra Knight, Jay Potter, John Rothman and Kevin Scullin. Said Black: “I’m running with USAN for a simple reason: They are committed to uniting SAG and AFTRA and I want to help them make it happen.” Ballots for the election are due out next month, with results expected in September.

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