'Spider-Man' Villain Revealed At The Con! New Clips, Plus Andrew Garfield Surprise

Deadline Comic-Con film correspondent Luke Y Thompson files:

The new Spider-Man villain Lizard was revealed tonight. There’s no official image: the footage was a Comic-Con exclusive and not to be photographed. (Deadline asked Sony for an image to use here. They declined.) Rhys Ifans plays him. This was the big new reveal. It looks really similar to Jim Lee’s drawings of Batman villain Killer Croc. Imagine a CG version for Lizard. Very close. Yes, ironic that a Bat-villain appears to be the basis for a Spider-Man villain’s look. (Image of the Croc shown left). We were shown the same teaser trailer that leaked online, but now it’s in 3-D. The web-swinging POV shots are vertigo-inducing. Folks sensitive to thrill rides or heights may have issues with parts of this movie.

After the trailer runs, a “fan” in a Spider-Man costume comes out to the audience microphone to ask a question. It’s not question time yet, but this fan insists. In a very familiar voice. Mask comes off, and it’s Andrew Garfield, who proceeds to read a heartfelt speech he wrote about how much Spider-Man means to him. “This is my first Comic-Con, and this is definitely the coolest moment in my life.”

Panel includes Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach (who basically say nothing the whole time), director Marc Webb, Emma Stone (a redhead again), and
of course Garfield who says he approached the character like a modern myth. “It’s just another chapter in a long history.” Stone affirms, “Absolutely. Yes.” When they were shooting scenes without dialogue, Webb would play music on set. Webb on his take: There are “ a wealth of things in the Spider-Man canon that haven’t been explored cinematically.” The Gwen Stacy saga among them. “We just finished shooting – Avi still smells like craft services.”

Time for a new clip. It’s partially unfinished, in 2D.

Peter Parker is in high school, getting hit in the head with a ball, tardy for class, reprimanded for riding a skateboard. He gets punched by a bully who is most likely Flash Thompson. Then he turns the tables and attacks the guy. Soon he’s in the principal’s office with Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen), who lectures Peter about “humiliating” another boy. Points out that if it’s payback it ought to feel good, but it doesn’t, does it?

Gwen Stacy (Stone) moves into frame in the background. Ben asks if that’s the girl on Peter’s computer, then loudly says to her, “He’s got
you on his computer! I’m his probation officer.” Then he leaves.

Awkward moment between Peter and Gwen. “We could…or we could…”

“Yeah. Either one.” They like each other.

Cut to new scene. Peter finds his dad’s old work briefcase. Puts on the old glasses in there. Sees a badge for the job at Oscorp (the company run by Norman Osborne, who was the Green Goblin in the Raimi films). Then…a secret file. Dad had secrets.

Montage of Peter waking up not knowing his own strength, presumably after the spider-bite. Smashing his alarm clock, over-squeezing
toothpaste, breaking the sink faucets.

Then he’s building the web-shooters. Comically misfiring them.

New scene: he’s hiding in the back seat of a car in full Spidey costume as a car thief tries to jack it. He chides the guy for looking so obviously like a car thief. They get out of the car, and Spider-man acts mock-terrified at the guy’s knife. Makes fun of him while shooting webs at him,
pinning him to the wall.

Voice-over of Uncle Ben says that helping the helpless is “not choice, responsibility.”

A crashed vehicle has suspicious clawmarks on it. News reports talk about an “incident,” and says one man was identified at the scene. Implied that Spider-Man is being framed for something.

Denis Leary as Gwen’s cop father is interesting. He issues a warrant for Spider-Man’s arrest.

A shot of injured Parker in maskless suit pleading upward. “Dr. Connors! This is not you!” Obviously looking at The Lizard, the mutant form of Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), but we don’t see it.

This clip ends.

He has one more clip: The Lizard revealed.

This is in 3-D, but not totally finished FX. Dr. Connors is addressing a group of students about his missing arm and how he intends to “cure” it. Peter brings up cross-species cellular manipulation, and Connors is impressed. Still, he leaves the room and lets Gwen take charge (she must be his assistant?)

Connors in his lab experiments on himself. His arm does grow back, but scaly.

Then we cut to two girls in a bathroom stall discussing boyfriends. The toilet drains of all water and starts to shake, then the floor caves in.

Up comes The Lizard. And he’s huge. Even though the Spider-villain came first, this CG Lizard looks most like Batman foe Killer Croc, as drawn by artist Jim Lee – who admittedly made Croc look a bit more lizard-like.

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