Steven Spielberg Says 'Jurassic Park 4' May Happen In 2 To 3 Years; UPDATE: Universal Wants It Sooner Rather Than Later

UPDATE: At Comic-Con today, Steven Spielberg appeared on the panel for The Adventures of Tintin and said there’s a writer for Jurassic Park 4. The reality is that I’ve learned that screenwriter Mark Protosevich hasn’t been officially hired yet by Universal which is just starting the process of  making his deal. But Kathy Kennedy and Spielberg have picked him to deliver the fourquel script. Protosevich’s credits include I Am Legend, Poseidon, The Cell, and the story for Thor. He’s working on Spike Lee’s Oldboy (which Spielberg at one time wanted to do). I checked with Universal just now and they think that, after stops and starts and stops, JP4 is really going to get made this time around. But already there’s a timing issue. Spielberg today said: “Hopefully we will make Jurassic Park 4 in the next two to three years.” But Universal tells me “that sounds too long. It would be great to have it sooner. Within 2 years sounds right: 2013.” That’s good news for Comcast/Universal considering it’s one of their few franchises and newer tour attractions. (Remember, Spielberg gets a percentage of the gate.)

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