2011 Comic-Con: 'Torchwood' To Get Darker

UPDATE: Deadline Comic-Con TV correspondent Gary Hodges just filed his report:

Friday’s first big TV panel was for Torchwood: Miracle Day (Starz), kicked off by an exclusive trailer for the season showing nothing particularly new, only a lot of what anyone familiar with the Torchwood universe – about a world where nobody dies anymore – expects to see (corpses opening their eyes and the show’s major cast looking dramatic). But then the cast came out, and things got a little more interesting.

John Barrowman (“Captain Jack”) bounded out first, wasting no time raving about his delight being at Comic-Con (and buying, among other things, a Captain America action figure on the show floor yesterday). He was then joined by other cast members Eve Myles, Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins, and Bill Pullman, followed by the show’s writer Jane Espenson.

The moderator and audience begged for hints about the upcoming shows, and a few little tidbits came out: Espenson promised the show will maintain it’s bleakness, saying “If you’ve been feeling hungry for ‘dark chocolate’, just wait for episode 5.” (Pullman also described the same episode as “epic, global” and compared the scale of it to his film Independence Day.) Espenson also urged fans to not hold back reading into the stories of the upcoming shows, hinting at deeper, more allegorical meaning: “Think of the big picture when you watch this. Don’t be afraid to think really hard about what this show is about, because we thought really hard about it.” Espenson, a veteran of working for Joss Whedon, was asked by a curious audience member if it was difficult working with the director. “It was harder because I was younger, I was scared. But it got easier for me as my confidence went up.”

Barrowman was asked the most questions, though, and also often jumped in to contribute to other cast members’ answers. He claimed Captain Jack will see a new (romantic?) “involvement” in episode 7, and that episode 10 had a “big sequence that’s absolutely phenomenal.” But most of the time he hammed it up, much to the audience’s delight (and the delight of the rest of the panel), sharing stories about the many versions of Captain Jack’s legendary coat and a time he spend 45 minutes crouched in Myles’ shower, waiting to jump out and scare her. “[She] actually peed herself!” Barrowman bragged. “I did not pee myself,” Myles replied. “…well, just a little bit.”

Asked if there was any talk yet from Starz about being renewed for a new season, the panel said no, but that they were all eager to see it happen.

PREVIOUS: (by Nellie Andreeva) Torchwood is not a newcomer to Comic-Con, but this is the British series’ first outing at the sci-fi convention since its move to Starz. At the panel for Torchwood: Miracle Day, covered by our sister site TVLine, series star John Barrowman didn’t spare praise for the U.S. pay cable network. “When we finished with Children of Earth, it was written in a way that we actually thought it wasn’t going to come back,” he said. “Thank goodness for Starz, who stepped forward.” Torchwood: Miracle Day, which is 2 episodes into its run, will quickly get darker, according to executive producer Jane Espenson. “If you are feeling hungry for dark chocolate, and you’ve been getting milk chocolate, wait for Episode 5,” she said. As for the death of Ianto, “In order to move the drama on, we had to do something drastic,” Barrowman said. He admitted to spending thousands of dollars on memorabilia at this year’s Comic-Con. “I’m a fan of science fiction. I’m a nerd at heart, and I’m proud of it,” he said, prompting co-star Mekhi Phifer to chime in: “Even though I’m from Harlem, I’m a big nerd too.”

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