Sundance Channel Picks Up British Serial Killer Miniseries 'Appropriate Adult'

In a model similar to the one it used for its first scripted project, miniseries Carlos, which just earned 2 Emmy nominations, Sundance Channel has picked up another mini, ITV’s Appropriate Adult. Based on true events, Appropriate Adult tells the story of British serial killer Fred West (Dominic West) and his relationship with his “appropriate adult,” Janet Leach (Emily Watson). (In the UK, an “appropriate adult” is appointed to sit in on police interviews with children or vulnerable adults to safeguard their interests.) Fred West and his wife Rosemary were accused of murdering at least a dozen women between 1967 and 1978. The two-part mini, which is a co-production between Sundance Channel and ITV Studios, was written by Neil McKay. It will premiere on the cable channel in the fall. Like it did with Carlos Sundance quietly joined Appropriate Adult during development but did not disclose its involvement until the minis had completed production.

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