Deadline Hollywood Game Launches On Facebook This Summer: News Affects Play

Here’s what happened: I got fed up with games purporting to be about Hollywood but not reflecting the real Hollywood. You know — the nasty Hollywood. So I came up with my own authentic Deadline Hollywood Game which smart people then developed. (Remember, DH doesn’t cover the gaming world. And I’m still going to refer to Sumner Redstone as “the old coot”.) So let me say to any naysayers: Eff you. The game is cool. You’ll be on my leaderboard soon:




LOS ANGELES, CA (July 19, 2011) — Nikki Finke’s, Paramount Digital Entertainment, and Liquid Entertainment announce the upcoming release of the ‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ on Facebook this summer. True to’s mission to report on the inner workings of the entertainment business, this new Facebook game allows players to experience what it really takes to make it in Hollywood. The ‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ is designed for wannabes and showbiz moguls. It also becomes the first game of its kind to incorporate real-time breaking news that influences gameplay.

Just like the internationally known website filled with entertainment news and rare candor on which it is based, the ‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ introduces the real Hollywood where power, relationships, and influence are as important as money (and sometimes more so). The game employs the same mixture of street smarts and dumb luck to make it in The Industry by allowing players to choose one of several career paths – actor, screenwriter, producer, director, agent, studio executive – leading to success or ruin.

In the real Hollywood where information is major currency, the more you know about the business the better you can maneuver.  So the ‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ will usher in the next generation of Facebook play by incorporating’s real-time breaking headlines to influence actions and reputations – with the effect of making the game as unpredictable as filmmaking itself.

Thomas Lesinski, President of Paramount Digital Entertainment, said: “To capture the essence of the inner workings in Hollywood, this game incorporates actual entertainment news feeds as reported by which is an innovative next step for the Facebook game platform. There is nothing in the marketplace today that comes close to this level of authenticity.”

The ‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ will launch this summer with invitation-only play by select showbiz insiders. Facebook users can pre-register at to be among the first people to know when the game goes live and to be entered to win a Hollywood Mogul Swag Bag. Additionally, 40 runners-up will win a pair of movie tickets courtesy of Hollywood Movie Money.

Like every new ambitious arrival in Hollywood, players will begin on the bottom rung. “I started thinking about creating a realistic Hollywood game about three years ago, and I kept coming back to the many interviews that began, ‘I arrived in town with $50 bucks in my pocket and lived in my car while I looked for that first job,” said veteran journalist Nikki Finke, who is President, Founder, and Editor-in-Chief of From there, players try to run the town before they’re run out of town. Driven by relentless ambition, some well-played moves and successful movies, plus a big set of cojones, game users can manipulate situations to catapult themselves from anonymity to celebrity readying an Oscar acceptance speech. Along the way, they’ll find that the ‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ utilizes the same pithy intel and snark about The Industry as the website, with quips like “If you want to make it in Hollywood, move to New York” and “If you want to get a screenplay made, write a novel.”

Noted Finke: “The ‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ will allow experienced gamers, real-life Hollywood players, movie fans, and casual users to truly experience the grit, intrigue, and rivalry of the Hollywood industry. And just like the real town, this game is not for every schmo — only the strongest will survive.”

Liquid Entertainment, an award winning development studio, worked with Nikki to develop the gamed based on her idea.  Paramount Digital Entertainment is publishing and distributing the ‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ this summer.  Paramount Digital Entertainment recently won four awards at the 2011 E3 for its upcoming multiplatform STAR TREK game in stores in 2012. [ does not report on the digital gaming industry and does not cover Liquid or Paramount Digital.]

“Deadline Hollywood Game has been an exciting project for us,” said Holly Newman, Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Entertainment. “Being able to do live updates to the game’s content to incorporate the real headlines from means that players will be able to stay connected to the real Hollywood while trying to conquer the virtual one.”

“No media outlet is more plugged into the behind-the-scenes of Hollywood business than, which sets the agenda for news and opinion,” commented Jay Penske, CEO of’s parent company PMC. “With real time news updates, there is no better way to experience Hollywood than through a game based on the website.” (more…)

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